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Everyone’s a winner on Open Day!

31st March 2018

Another Middleham Open Day has been and gone and we hope everyone who visited us at Oakwood Stables and Sharp Hill Farm yesterday had a great day out, it was lovely to see you!

Onlyfoolsownhorses meets and greets the Open Day visitors

Run by Racing Welfare, the event was a great success as always, with the forecast wintery weather failing to materialise and thousands of racing enthusiasts flocking to our beautiful little town in the Dales to get their annual glimpse inside the local yards.

Strike West entertaining the crowds 

The afternoon events on the Low Moor saw another inter-yard competition, featuring a showjumping contest, a donkey Derby and an egg and spoon race. Hungry for success as usual, we entered three teams and were rewarded with an overall win courtesy of The Little People, consisting of our senior jockey Joe Colliver, head girl Becky Smith, stable lad Aidan McDonald and George Barker.

George, who was riding his pony Summer, and Joe both put in clear rounds over the showjumping fences, while Aidan won the inaugural donkey Derby aboard Jack and Becks was one of the few who didn’t cheat at the egg and spoon race, well done to the Little People you did us proud!

They may be little, but they are fierce (with apologies to William Shakespeare)

And so did our two other teams the Oakwood All Stars – Hayley, our secretary, Martin Benson and Larna Burton – and the Sharp Hill Sharks, made up of Kerry Thompson and G the Greek, aka Gerasimos Minetos.

The main thing is that everyone had a great time and loads of money was raised for local charities and to support local racing staff, thank you to everyone who came to see us and supported us, we hope to see you at the races and of course back at Open Day again next year!

Dakota Grey surveys the scene at Oakwood Stables on Open Day (photos are from the Northern Echo)

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